A Fair to Remember

Photo courtesy of PIFA.

A giant Ferris wheel, street performers, a public garden, over 40 food vendors, two stages with memorable musical performances and a trampoline, as you have never seen it before, all have one thing in common – the PIFA Street Fair.

From 11 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. on April 30, Broad Street (from Chestnut to Lombard Streets) will be closed to traffic in order to recreate the wonders of a Parisian street fair.

Whether you decide to spend all day in the last days of Paris, or only go for a few hours it will be the place to see and be seen. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of Paris at a fraction of the price it takes to fly there – Free. Continue reading “A Fair to Remember”

Hope: An Oratorio

Just in time for Easter, Jonathan Leshnoff’s Hope: An Oratorio celebrates mankind’s universal journey from the throes of abandonment to the revival of hope. The definition of an oratorio is: a large-scale musical work for orchestra and voices, typically a narrative on a religious theme, performed without the use of costumes, scenery, or action. Well-known examples include Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Handel’s Messiah, and Haydn’s The Creation. Using the traditional oratorio form as a base, Leshnoff transcends all traditional boundaries by creating an epic piece that is alternately lyrical and lively, toe-tapping and dramatic. HOPE brings together voices and languages not … Continue reading Hope: An Oratorio

Moving with AUTO

There are only 11 days left for the magic of PIFA. Have you joined the moment yet? PIFA is not just about passively experiencing a journey through the world of Paris of the Belle Epoque as seen through the eyes of Philly; it’s also about what you can contribute to adventure. Nowhere will you notice this more than in the movement installation AUTO, directed by Kate Watson-Wallace. With a moving vehicle as the center piece in the landscape of the Falls Center Parking Garage, audience members will become active participants as they move and are moved through a series of … Continue reading Moving with AUTO

One night with Les Nubians

“Music is every moment of our lives” Hélène Faussart – Les Nubians “Our music is a bridge where people can meet, dance, love and create…” Célia Faussart – Les Nubians Yes, you read right. You only get one night (4/21) with the inventive and glamorous Afropean sounds of Les Nubians. This French/ Cameroonian, Grammy® Nominated sister duo is known for their distinctive and unique sound that embodies the vibrations of Miriam Makeba, Ella Fitzgerald, Doudou N’diaye Rose, Fela Kuti, Edith Piaf, The Fugees, and Soul II Soul. Part of the acclaimed Red Hot & Riot Collective, Les Nubians blaze the … Continue reading One night with Les Nubians

Free to be

What does it mean to be free? You might include the freedom of expression and ability to pursue aspects of life that make you happy and allow you to contribute to society. At times, when you enjoy such a concept of freedom it can be easy to forget many people have had to fight and struggle so that we can live the lives we do.

The fact is that not all aspects of history are documented and told to the masses. Leaving stories untold can often lead to a one-sided view of history. However, there are people dedicated to learning about and telling those untold stories. During the rest of PIFA (we’re in the seventh day of the takeover) and through September 4, 2011, the African American Museum in Philadelphia will explore the unique experiences of African Americans who lived and created art in Paris. Continue reading “Free to be”

Impressions of my first fashion show

Last night marked my first ever fashion show; you could say I popped my fashion show cherry at PIFA Couture. Despite the rain, a night of high fashion, both on the runway and in the audience, took place with a lit Eiffel tower as a back drop in the Kimmel Center’s Commonwealth Plaza. I thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of fashion as it can only be seen on the runway of a show and plan on continuing to develop my love for this type of body art. For a taste of the creations that awaited the fashion elite, check out … Continue reading Impressions of my first fashion show

Puentes/ Bridges

This Thursday, April 7,  marks the start of PIFA and you will have a chance to experience all of the exciting, Paris-inspired events you have been reading about over the past few weeks. Any festival in Philly isn’t complete without the sights, sounds and moves of the Latino community.

On April 29th, the heart of Philly’s Latino community will come alive at Taller Puertorriqueño (Taller) headquarters, with the collaborative sounds from members of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Intercultural Journeys, including the Orchestra’s principal clarinetist Ricardo Morales. They will join forces with adult and advanced student musicians from Artistas y Músicos Latino-Americanos (AMLA), in a free concert featuring classical and popular works by Latino composers. Continue reading “Puentes/ Bridges”

Brave New World of fashion

Photo courtesy of PIFA

When speaking of culture and art, fashion is an aspect that cannot be forgotten. Fashion is also a reflection and expression of exploration and rebellion against previous styles or sometimes a revisit to great decades of the past.

This was no different in the tumultuous  years between 1911 and 1919 in Paris; a time of unparalleled inspiration, excitement and creativity in the arts and fashion. As its contribution to the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Art & Design presents the exhibit Brave New World: Fashion and Freedom, 1911 – 1919 in the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery from April 7 – May 7. Continue reading “Brave New World of fashion”

Museum without walls

Do you enjoy going on guided museum tours, but could do without the large groups or having to follow someone else’s time? Or maybe, with the onset of spring, the idea of being indoors takes away from the lure and excitement of warmer weather.

Well, the Fairmount Park Art Association has come up with a solution. In honor of the Philadelphia International Festival of the ArtsMuseum Without Walls™: Audio allows enthusiasts to download a free tour (to any device of your choice and 24 hours a day) of 36 works of art and sculptures starting at the LOVE sculpture and ending at Kelly Drive. Each stop on the tour is narrated by unique voices of people who are connected to each piece, either by knowledge or experience. Continue reading “Museum without walls”