A Month of Letters

A Month of Letters Challenge

One of my goals for this year is to write more letters, and I have found wonderful tools to help me keep this goal.

Back in November, I joined the Letter Writers Association (LWA) and what Kathy and Donovan have created is just amazing. They give you the opportunity to connect with penpals, send mail by pigeon or pneumatic post (at some point, I plan on trying both), and much more.

January's bundle
There are also letter requests that MLL collects and sends to a person in need of some love.

And about a month ago I discovered More Love Letters (MLL), an organization dedicated to spreading more love in the world by leaving letters for strangers. Just last week, I left an anonymous letter in the elevator of an office building, and the next day I saw a tweet from the person that picked it up. It was such an awesome feeling to know that I put a smile on someone’s face. Continue reading “A Month of Letters Challenge”