>Traveling Alone

>Have you ever traveled by yourself to a place you really wanted to visit? Some might think it weird to travel alone, just as they might think it weird to go out to dinner or to the movies by yourself. I know of people who have traveled by themselves and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They were able to experience things and meet other people they may not have had they traveled with friends or family. You may ask why would people travel alone. It may simply be the fact that no one else wants to go to the same … Continue reading >Traveling Alone

>Alternate Travel: home exchange

> One step up from couch surfing is a concept called Home Exchange. In existence since 1992, it provides travelers the opportunity to stay in members’ houses during their vacation. Just as in the movie “The Holiday” (the website was featured in it) two travelers exchange their homes at the same time, saving them money on hotels. Advantages highlighted on the site are: living like a local, meeting neighbors, being able to cook for yourself, connections with exchange partners can evolve into life long friendships and many more. While site membership is $9.95/ month for an annual unlimited membership or … Continue reading >Alternate Travel: home exchange

>Alternative Travel: Couch Surfing

> If hostels are not you’re desired method of travel but you still have a budget to stick to, another alternative is couch surfing. In 2009, I published an article that took an in depth look at what couch surfing involves. Basically, you register an account with the site that connects you to people around the world who are willing to let you stay on their couches during your stay in their city. In return, you let them (and others) sleep on your couch when they need it. While I have never engaged in couch surfing, friends who have traveled … Continue reading >Alternative Travel: Couch Surfing