August Foodie Penpals box

August Foodie Penpal Reveal Day

I almost thought I wouldn’t have anything to share with you today (and that would have been horrible), because there was a mix-up at my mail room. On the day my box was actually delivered, the postman didn’t leave a slip to let me know I had a box to pick up, and when I asked in the mail room, they originally couldn’t find it. Such chaos.

August Foodie Penpals box
My food-filled foodie penpals converse box.

Thankfully, they eventually found it and I can share the wonderful things that Cassie (who happens to also live in the Philly area!), a reader, sent me.

What really stood out, was the note she included. She wrote it as a tour guide of my box. Here is what she wrote: Continue reading “August Foodie Penpal Reveal Day”