Sweet Potato Cookies

If you like delicious, cakey cookies then you will love these.

Chocolate cake

Wine, Chocolate, and Blackberries

I’m happy to say that my final baking projects of 2016 all included something I had not used or made before. One of my favorite things about cooking and baking is trying something new and finding out the recipe worked. Chocolate Cake with a Red Wine Chocolate Glaze Another recipe I got from Bon Appetit.…

Lemon Thyme and Mocha Caramel Cookies

This past Saturday, the weekend before Thanksgiving, I finally started baking season. Epicurious has a wonderful Holiday Handbook out this year and both of these cookies are twists on the classic sugar cookie. Lemon Thyme Cookies with a Lemon Glaze   For the glaze, I recommend going ahead and using 1 cup of powdered sugar…