margarita ingredients

The perfect frozen classic margarita

Whenever tequila is mentioned, I’ve found that inevitably someone says “I can’t stand tequila” or “Tequila and I aren’t friends.” Such people have obviously been victims of the one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor saying, which generally is only fulfilled when bad tequila is consumed at a quick pace.

They key to any tequila-based drink is, of course, good quality tequila (no, Jose Cuervo doesn’t count). You want to look for tequila made from 100% agave. There’s no better time like now to start appreciating good tequila, especially since Cinco de Mayo is this Saturday!

I have always been partial to the frozen margarita and since I have yet to acquire a drink shaker, I happily share this wonder recipe I found on epicurious. If your first thought is to run to the store to pick up a margarita mix, please don’t. Margaritas aren’t supposed to be neon in color. The perfect margarita can only be achieved by using freshly squeezed fruit juice. If, like me, you also don’t have a juicer, this also means you’re in for a great arm workout.

The perfect margarita

margarita ingredients
Margarita ingredients

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Getting to know booze

How much do you know about booze? Can you walk confidently into a liquor store, walk down the aisles and grab the exact thing you want? Can you go to a bar and know off the top of your head what’s good to order? Better yet, do you try new drinks or do you stick with what you’ve been drinking since the early days of your exploration of inebriation? If I’m honest, my knowledge of booze is ok, but it definitely could be better. For me, walking into a liquor store can be like walking into a completely different world, … Continue reading Getting to know booze