Cooking demos at the Flower Show

At the Philadelphia International Flower Show, you will not only get to experience sights and sounds of Hawai’i, but also enjoy cooking demonstrations by Philly’s finest chefs.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching cooking demos by Chef Townsend Wentz of McCrossen’s Tavern and Chef Mike Stollenwerk of Fish, sponsored by Organic Gardening. They both featured recipes that they serve at their restaurants and adapted them for the Flower Show.

Not only are the cooking demos a great way to get new ideas for your meals at home, but the best way to meet Philly chefs, learn about their backgrounds and restaurants, and to ask them questions. Unfortunately, the audience isn’t allowed to taste the dishes, but host Chef Joseph Shilling is a willing taste-tester and can assure you how good the chefs’ creations really are.

By Chef Townsend Wentz

Spices used for the pork rub./ Photo: Nicolle A. Morales Kern
Dry-rubbed pork that was slow roasted./ Photo: Nicolle A. Morales Kern

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