chicken pot pies

Chicken Pot Pie from Scratch

Some dishes I make because I come across them in cookbooks or online while I’m searching for ways to cook a certain ingredient. Other dishes are made upon request, and this was one of them. A few weeks ago, the boyfriend mentioned that he wanted chicken pot pie, something I have never made before.

It would have been easy to just go to the freezer isle and buy one (I actually think that’s what he meant at first), but what would be the fun of that? So this past week, I decided to try my hand at this comforting dish. Some searching led me to this recipe over on Simply Scratch. I love her three rules for making chicken pot pie and will always follow them.

Rule No. 1: They have to be in individual portions.
Rule No. 2: No “cream of chicken soup” can be used, what-so-ever.
Rule No. 3: There has to be plenty of crust. So much crust you won’t notice that there isn’t a bottom one.

chicken pot pies
The crust isn’t perfect, but it was nice and flakey.

Here is my take on her recipe. I’ve added a few more spices and cook the potatoes differently. Continue reading “Chicken Pot Pie from Scratch”

Make the bread, buy the butter

A new cookbook has joined my kitchen: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese. It is a book dedicated to solving the question of which foods you should make at home from scratch and which you should buy, and includes over 120 recipes for experimenting with!

Before I talk more about this book (and the topic in general), I must thank the wonderful women of From Scratch Club for hosting frequent giveaways, both on their site and on their Facebook page. It is because of one of their FB giveaways that this wonderful cookbook has made it’s way into my kitchen. Their site is dedicated to: Continue reading “Make the bread, buy the butter”