lamb meatballs

Lamb meatballs in a sherry-cream sauce

I haven’t always been a fan of eating lamb. I can’t really explain why. But, I can say that it didn’t take much for my mind to be changed and inspired to cook it at home.

On one of the many visits to Jose Garces’ Amada, one of the dishes we ordered was albóndigas in a sherry foie gras cream sauce and hands-down they were the best meatballs I have ever eaten. Made from lamb in the Spanish style, they are pretty much the reason I bought Garces’ cookbook. I’ve mentioned before that his recipes are quite extensive and involve multiple smaller recipes that are then combined. The best way to approach these recipes is to prepare a couple days ahead of time. But, it’s all worth it.

So for Easter dinner, I decided to recreate his lamb meatballs and they turned out pretty well. What I love about them is that they are very moist and you can taste the individual flavors as they come together; I especially like the hint of mint that comes through.

lamb meatballs
Albóndigas in sherry-cream sauce with a salad.

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balsamic baked fish

Balsamic-baked fish

Fish is one of my favorite dishes to make. Generally, I like to bake my fish and there are a variety of sauces to bathe any fish in while it’s baking.

However, if you ever have those days, where you feel you have nothing to make a great sauce with or you’re just bored with what you always make, look no further than the salad dressings you have in your refrigerator.

The only dressings I use are Newman’s Own and they work just as well as marinades or sauces, as they do as dressings.

Basalmic baked fish

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Lemon chicken caesar salad

The recurring theme of this week is quick and easy, yet healthy and delicious meals. Last night this meant a beautiful salad that included enough ingredients to count as an actual meal. Altogether, this took about 15 – 20 minutes.

The key to creating great flavors for this salad is marinating the chicken for two days (well, at least 24 hours).

Lemon chicken caesar salad

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Baked blue fish with kale and brussels sprouts salad

One of my favorite parts of each week is the trip to the Reading Terminal Market. This is when I stock up for the week on fresh fish, meat and vegetables.

For this week, I decided it was time to introduce some new ingredients into my cooking and as a result I bought kale (never had it before) and Brussels sprouts, which I have never liked the taste of. But the following recipe I’m about to share with you has changed my mind a little about these little sprouts (I think it helps that they’re shredded). Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Feast


Thanksgiving is hands down one of my favorite feasts. This year (as with most years), I visited my mom and helped prepare and cook a wonderfully delicious meal. Every dish is made from scratch; you won’t find any pre-made or packaged food in this kitchen. All the dishes you see below can be found on Bon Appetit. Every year, they have great Thanksgiving menu ideas (which usually follow a flavor theme). We have been using this as our Thanksgiving guide for more years than I can count and everybody who eats with us always enjoys the meal. My mom put together her menu with recipes from different years. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Feast”

The art of making great salads

I love salads. Seriously, I do. I love the infinite amount of combinations that can be tossed together to create a masterpiece on a plate.

Now, you might call salads “rabbit food” (yes, I actually know people who call them that), but you can’t deny the amazing tastes that come from a meal (you heard right) that is so simple to make. Depending on the type you put together, no cooking is necessary – just wash, cut and toss.

Salads that compliment a meal or are enjoyed as a starter are nice enough, but when I come home late from work, I need a meal that will fill me up without being too heavy or taking much time to make.

My masterpiece without chicken

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