Baked empanadas

Red peanut chicken empanadas (or what should have been tamales)

As the month of May is coming to a close, one of the final Mexican dishes I wanted to make was tamales. Tamales are one of the staples of Mexican cooking and one of the dishes I immediately think of when I think of Mexican food.

They remind of a year my mom and I had Christmas dinner over a friend’s (who’s also named Nicole) house and tamales were served with a variety of fillings. They are made from a corn flour dough and filled with anything you wish: pork, chicken, beef, vegetables, then wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed until done. The most important part of making this dish is getting the right corn flour/ meal – yes there are different kinds for making different dishes. And it just so happened I bought the kind to make arepas and not tamales. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so I decided to move on to plan B.

Earlier that same day, I decided to prepare empanada dough (which needs to chill in the fridge for at least and hour), so a dinner of tamales turned into a dinner of empanadas with a side of homemade tortilla chips and chunky guacamole.

Baked empanadas
Baked empanadas.

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