raw ravioli

Eat the sauce, hold the pasta – misadventures in pasta making

Do you have one dish or type of food that just doesn’t seem to work when you make it? For me it’s dough, more specifically pasta and empanada dough.

While I have made empanadas before, I can’t say they were mouthwatering good. And just this past weekend, I planned a three-course dinner that included lamb/fennel/mint ravioli in a roasted red pepper sauce. The sauce was delicious, and the filling was on point. However, the vehicle of delivering said filling was a complete disaster. I followed a recipe I found on a blog that used the ratio: 3 oz. flour, one egg, splash of olive oil, and kosher salt per person. So, I just multiplied that by four to make sure I had enough dough. I don’t have a pasta maker or pasta attachment for a Kitchenaid (one day I’ll have both), so I rolled out the dough with a rolling pin (which I finally purchased especially for this project). I cooked the ravioli in boiling water for four minutes.

raw ravioli
The yet uncooked ravioli.

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