Chicken peanut mole tacos

Red peanut chicken tacos

I love tacos. I really do. But, I will have to admit that for most of my life whenever tacos have been made at home, it’s always been with the boxed taco shells and the packet seasoning. Horrible, I know.

But, with this dish I’m featuring that has changed and it’s the first time I didn’t use the box ones (and don’t think I ever will again). Granted, I didn’t quite make the leap to making my own tortillas just yet, but it is a step in the right direction as the Mission corn tortillas are better than the ones in a box (which I’m sure are full of wonderful preservatives).

Chicken peanut mole tacos
Red peanut chicken tacos

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Red peanut mole sauce

I don’t usually just post a recipe for a sauce, but in the name of saving some space and giving you a wonderful sauce that you can use for any other recipe, that is what I will be doing.

Peanut butter has always been one of my favorite spreads, and a couple years ago I remember having a peanut noodle dish (found more in Thai cuisine) that I absolutely loved. So when I saw this recipe for a red peanut mole, I couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve adapted the one here from Truly Mexican.

Now, this recipes does take a little bit of time, but that’s mainly because the ingredients are fried individually (I’m sure you can try baking or maybe even sauteing if you like).

What you’ll need:

red peanut mole ingredients copy
Some of the ingredients you’ll need.

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Shrimp quesadillas

Now, that you’ve enjoyed that delicious lamb stew we made the other day, it’s time to use the leftovers. I promised you we would. First step, puree the remaining stew in a blender. The result will be a wonderfully thick sauce. You can pretty much use this for any dish your heart desires, but today I’m featuring shrimp quesadillas.

As Truly Mexican describes, quesadillas are the grilled cheese sandwich of Mexico. They can be served as a simple snack or as a meal (especially, the way I made them). You can make them with just cheese or make any kind of filling to go in them.

Shrimp quesadillas
Shrimp quesadillas

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Mexican lamb stew or lamb in a yellow mole sauce

This was my first time making a stew, ever! Ok, so the actual dish isn’t called a stew, but once I had finished making it that’s exactly what it looked like to me. And I have to say, this is one of the greatest ways to eat as many different vegetables as you can in one meal.

The recipe I’m sharing with you is adapted from the lamb in modern yellow mole recipe in my new favorite cookbook, Truly Mexican.

Moles are one of the main sauces of Mexican cooking and can range in their levels of difficulties as well as their consistency. They are made from a mixture of various ingredients that can include any of the following: chiles, spices/ herbs, tomatoes or tomatillos, and sometimes seeds (if they are mostly seed-base, they’re called pepianes).

Lamb loin chop stew
Lamb loin chop stew

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Lamb enchiladas with salsa verde

Ground lamb enchiladas with salsa verde

This weekend, I’m really starting to explore the art of Mexican cooking. And what better way than with enchiladas! The recipe I’m making is adapted from the lamb adobo enchiladas with cooked green salsa in Truly Mexican by Roberto SantibaƱez with JJ Goode and Shelley Wiseman.

What I really like about this cookbook is that it starts with the basic ingredients and techniques that are a part of Mexican cooking, and then continues with the other building blocks: salsas, guacamoles, adobos, moles and pipianes, and then putting it all together.

You can eat these enchiladas by themselves, or serve with a side of rice or any other side dish. I chose to serve them with homemade tortilla chips.

lamb enchiladas with salsa verde
Lamb enchiladas with salsa verde.

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