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Dinner with a Movie

This past weekend, we went to see Superman (okay, officially Man of Steel, but I’ll still call it Superman). The movie was awesome, and definitely lived up to my expectations. Although, I do have to say I was a little surprised that Amy Adams was cast as Lois Lane. I was expecting someone with darker features. Anyway, that is not the point of this post.

What made my movie experience even better than usual was that we were able to enjoy dinner and drinks while we were watching the movie! Instead of staying in Philly and going to the usual places for cinematic entertainment, we drove out to Collegeville, PA – one of the many homes of Movie Tavern.

The way it works: you purchase your tickets online for the movie and times you want, then show up at least 45 minutes ahead of the scheduled time so you can get a good seat. There is an in-house restaurant/ bar where you can sit to eat and drink before the movie if you like, and there was also another tiki bar in the lobby.

Grilled chicken quesadillas
The appetizer – grilled chicken quesadillas

For some reason, I thought there would be actual table and chairs that you sit at during the movie, but not quite. The theater is set up like any other movie theater, but the seats are bigger and a lot more cushy and comfortable. There’s a side table attached to one of the arms of the chair that holds your drink and food.  Continue reading “Dinner with a Movie”