October is here – let’s celebrate

It’s Friday and the first weekend in October. That means it’s time to celebrate. You can celebrate the coming of fall, the start of a new month, the beginning of NLDS (go Phillies) or just the fact that it’s the weekend. I can promise you there are plenty of opportunities for celebration that involve drinks, food and fun. Continue reading “October is here – let’s celebrate”

>Oktoberfest in the USA

>As mentioned in my post about Oktoberfest in Germany, it is possible to celebrate this festival within the U.S. Many cities, breweries or bars host events. In La Crosse, Wisconsin the fest is recreated as it can be experience in Germany. Philadelphia, a city proud of its micro brews will not leave you dry with Free sampling of German beers at Bell Beverage on Sept. 24, McGillan’s month-long celebration which started on Sept. 2. Not only does Philly celebrate Oktberfest, but Sept. 16 also marks the start of Philly Beer Week, which is actually a 10-day celebration of the acclaimed … Continue reading >Oktoberfest in the USA