Cooking demos at the Flower Show

At the Philadelphia International Flower Show, you will not only get to experience sights and sounds of Hawai’i, but also enjoy cooking demonstrations by Philly’s finest chefs.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching cooking demos by Chef Townsend Wentz of McCrossen’s Tavern and Chef Mike Stollenwerk of Fish, sponsored by Organic Gardening. They both featured recipes that they serve at their restaurants and adapted them for the Flower Show.

Not only are the cooking demos a great way to get new ideas for your meals at home, but the best way to meet Philly chefs, learn about their backgrounds and restaurants, and to ask them questions. Unfortunately, the audience isn’t allowed to taste the dishes, but host Chef Joseph Shilling is a willing taste-tester and can assure you how good the chefs’ creations really are.

By Chef Townsend Wentz

Spices used for the pork rub./ Photo: Nicolle A. Morales Kern
Dry-rubbed pork that was slow roasted./ Photo: Nicolle A. Morales Kern

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Volcano exhibit

Weekly photo challenge: Distorted

My photo’s this week are inspired by the Philadelphia International Flower, which just opened its doors yesterday, on March 4. This year’s theme is Hawai’i: Islands of Aloha (feel free to browse my site for more info and photos) and the exhibits I have seen so far are absolutely amazing.

The two photos here are a part of one of the exhibits and I find it interesting how the distortion of flowers and other objects from their “natural” states had resulted in the creation of something new.

Volcano exhibit
Distorting to create something new.

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Philadelphia Flower Show 2012 Preview

On Friday, March 2, I had the opportunity to take part in a preview tour of the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower. If you haven’t decided whether you plan on going yet, then you should just buy your tickets now. All revenue from the Flower Show will go toward the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society‘s projects Plant One Million and City Harvest.

Yesterday, March 4, was the official start of the Flower Show. Even though I have lived in Philly since 2007, this is the first year that I have been to the flower show. And a little getaway to Hawai’i is the perfect way to start.

Orchid Wave
The Orchid Wave that welcomes you to Hawai'i.

It was interesting to have a behind-the-scenes look at the set-up process and while most of the major exhibits were near completion, there was still a lot of work to be done. But, I do look forward to seeing the exhibits in their full forms this week.

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Islands of Aloha Giveaway!

Update February 18, 2012:  This giveaway is now closed for entry.

And the winner is: Congratulations, Lucky #11: Winnie Ma. Please email me at with your mailing address, so I can send you the tickets as soon as possible.

Thank you all for participating and don’t forget you can still enter the following giveaways to win tickets:

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Welcome to my first giveaway on Culture Jaunt! As you know, I am covering the Philadelphia International Flower Show 2012. This year’s theme is Hawai’i: Islands of Aloha and will be taking place March 4 – 11.

Not only will you get to experience wonderful exhibitions focused on the orchid, but experience Hawaiian culture as well. From Hula dancing to delicious food, a waterfall that turns into a volcano and even a man cave. Whether you’ve been to the Flower Show before or will be a first-timer like me, you won’t want to miss this chance to win:

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Volcanos, orchids and a man cave…Oh My!

Photo: Nicolle Morales Kern

Doesn’t that sound like it will make for a great combination? The producers of this year’s Philadelphia International Flower Show certainly think so.

One of the major features of the Flower Show will be a waterfall that turns into a volcano and back again. This feature is a part of the special effects that will be used to create a multidimensional sensory experience.

As for the inspiration for this year’s theme: it’s not because our president is from this beautiful state. The Flower Show’s Wizard of Design, Sam Lemheney said at a recent press conference, “I wanted to highlight orchids and Hawai’i seemed to be the perfect setting.” One of the major presenters at the Flower Show, Waldor Orchids, has been presenting at the Flower Show for the past 80 years and will also be celebrating 125 years of business. Continue reading “Volcanos, orchids and a man cave…Oh My!”

Welcome to Hawai’i: Islands of Aloha in Philly

While we’re in the midst of a pretty mild winter, there are some cold days that make you yearn for the warm days of spring.

You won’t have to wait long, because the first weekend in March brings one of the largest celebrations of spring to Philadelphia: The Philadelphia International Flower Show. Since 1829, the Flower Show has been showcasing prized floral displays.

From March 4 – 11, you will be taken on a journey that you won’t need your passport for. Destination: Hawai’i: Islands of Aloha. The Pennsylvania Convention Center will be transformed so that “Visitors will be completely immersed in this authentically Hawaiian, once-in-a-lifetime presentation. They will feel like they are walking across the beaches, jungles and mountains of the Hawaiian Islands,” said show designer Sam Lemheney. Continue reading “Welcome to Hawai’i: Islands of Aloha in Philly”