Sometimes Painting Needs a Twist

Over the summer, I experienced the fun that is Painting with a Twist with my mom, cousins, aunt, and grandma. I highly recommend it, because the combination of wine and alcohol is just about perfect. The cost is $35 for a 2 hour session, and $45 for a 3 hour class. All art supplies are provided, you just have to bring the wine and food.

You don’t need any painting experience to participate. In one session, everyone paints the same image and the host of the evening goes through each part of the painting step-by-step. Whether you’re worried about not producing something perfect, or if you think your skill level is too high for this, the wine is there to banish those thoughts. The whole point of this evening is to have fun with your friends, drink some, and paint.  Continue reading “Sometimes Painting Needs a Twist”

Spring in Paris

Paris in Spring

It’s about the time of year, that things start warming up. One of the big advantages to that is that your suitcases get a little lighter as you can leave behind the thick winter clothing. Which, of course, means more room for souvenirs acquired during your travels.

As you may have noticed, my recent focus has been Paris in Philly – two very great cities to visit. Continue reading “Spring in Paris”

>With Love, Philadelphia

>The City of Brotherly is awakening to fight the signs of recession and entice visitors from the Tri-State area and around the world into its loving arms. Summer is fast approaching and the question on people’s minds is where to go to escape daily life and have some much needed fun. Travel is rarely cheap and during times of hardship people look for local affordable attractions But what is it that attracts visitors to an area? One aspect that is important in travel is how potential visitors are lured into the magic of a city and if the city is … Continue reading >With Love, Philadelphia