Weekly photo challenge: winter

Winter is finally waking up in the city of Philadelphia and the temperature reflects that. While it did snow last night, it was only a flurry and didn’t stick. The last time we had a real sign of winter was on Halloween, when it uncharacteristically snowed.

For now, the only visible signs of winter are the trees.

Bare branches in the setting sun.

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Weekly photo challenge: Hidden

As fun as it is to visit zoos, sometimes when you arrive the animals really aren’t in the mood to visit with you. If they have access to an indoor area that you can’t get to, then you’re out of luck. But, sometimes they’re just hiding. Such was the case when I visited the Barcelona Zoo. Can you spot the Red Panda Bear? This native of the mountains of Nepal, Myanmar, and central China was enjoying a nice afternoon nap.

Red panda bear./ Photo Nicolle A. Morales Kern

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