chicken dinner

Chicken skewers with quinoa, rainbow chard and fennel

Originally, I set out to make June all about Morocco. As with the best laid plans that has not yet happened, and I’ve even had to renew the cookbook I got from the library.

But, today that changes as I share with you the first recipes from New Moroccan by Lahlou Mourad. What I love about this thick, heavy cookbook is that it’s not just about the recipes, but the author tells stories from his childhood in Morocco, how dishes are prepared traditionally, and how he has adapted them to modern times.

chicken dinner
Skewered chicken served with sauteed rainbow chard and fennel, and quinoa.

I decided to start with recipes that seemed fairly easy. The chicken is perfect for summer because it’s great for the grill, but if you have to cook it in your kitchen (like me), the broiler works just as well. And the sauteed rainbow chard and fennel on top of quinoa makes for a deliciously healthy meal. This is actually the first time I’ve cooked any of the latter. Continue reading “Chicken skewers with quinoa, rainbow chard and fennel”