Baked blue fish with kale and brussels sprouts salad

One of my favorite parts of each week is the trip to the Reading Terminal Market. This is when I stock up for the week on fresh fish, meat and vegetables.

For this week, I decided it was time to introduce some new ingredients into my cooking and as a result I bought kale (never had it before) and Brussels sprouts, which I have never liked the taste of. But the following recipe I’m about to share with you has changed my mind a little about these little sprouts (I think it helps that they’re shredded). Enjoy!

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Lemon chicken with roasted asparagus and potatoes

Sometimes, I feel like I cook things in the same way all the time. Usually, I would just boil the asparagus, but while researching chicken with potatoes and asparagus recipes, I came across one that roasted both vegetables together and I have to say, I love it. The asparagus takes on a wonderful flavor and remains slightly crunchy ( I can’t stand mushy or soggy asparagus). How do you like to cook asparagus? Continue reading “Lemon chicken with roasted asparagus and potatoes”