Giving Thanks in 2016

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the entire year because it is all about coming together with those you love and enjoying delicious food. I traveled down to DC again this year to cook this wonderful feast with my mom. We spend two to three days prepping and cooking to get ready for…

Thanksgiving Wine

Wine Wednesdays: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s the day before Thanksgiving! For those of you who will be celebrating, are you excited yet? I know I am. I’m visiting my mom for the week, and the past couple days have been dedicated to getting the house ready for guests, and preparing as much food ahead of time as possible. Of course,…

Thanksgiving plate

Food for the Soul Shared on Thanksgiving

Today’s Daily Prompt is perfect for the month of November. I have always believed that food is nourishment for your soul just as much as it is for your body. The love that is shared and passed on through food is never more apparent than during the holiday season when people gather to cook and…

Individual cranberry shortbread

Cranberry Shortbread

Thanksgiving is almost here, only one more day to get through until we can give thanks and break bread with family and friends. Usually, I celebrate at my mom’s. She always pulls together a wonderful feast based on delicious bon appetit recipes from multiple years. But, this year she’s traveling and while I won’t be…


Thanksgiving Feast

  Thanksgiving is hands down one of my favorite feasts. This year (as with most years), I visited my mom and helped prepare and cook a wonderfully delicious meal. Every dish is made from scratch; you won’t find any pre-made or packaged food in this kitchen. All the dishes you see below can be found…