The Books

Books, books, books. Where would we be without them? As sources of a journey into another world, of lessons in history and of a reflection on society at any point in time, and so much more they are essential parts of our lives.

reading books
A friend of mine recently shared this with me. It really does express how I feel about books.

As long as I can remember, books have been a part of my life. When I was younger, I remember staying up late and secretly turning on my bedside light to keep reading my Babysitter Club books, which later turned into YA, and now everything from historical biographies to Harry Potter to Game of Thrones and more. Check out my Goodreads shelves to see what I’ve read and what I’m currently reading.

Since December 2012, I’ve also had the pleasure of adding a Kindle Fire to my book reading tools, and I absolutely love it.

Book reviews
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Here are some of the books that call my bookshelf home:

Top: travel, exercise, university folders. Bottom: books in Spanish, German and French
Top: leisure reading and art. Bottom: journalism, writing and language learning.
Top: book series, novels, photo albums. Bottom: English classics, grammar and composition.

6 thoughts on “The Books

      1. You’re right, I think it’s inevitable that there will be books on a bookshelf that are unread. You’re question actually led me to inspect my bookshelf to see what books I haven’t read an to be honest there are probably 10 – 15 that I haven’t read.
        Some of the reference books (journalism, language, folders from university) I use on a as-need basis, so I haven’t read them all the way through.
        Since I took these photos, I’ve added about 20 books to my collection 🙂

    1. Me too! Ultimately, I dream of the day where I can have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (with one of those little rolling ladders) at least on one wall in some room in a future apartment or house.

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