White Sangria

The Booze

Yes, the booze! What would a kitchen be without it?

Before we really get into the good stuff, I do have to say that booze on this site excludes beer. I just never acquired a taste for it. And before you try recommending different flavors, types and whatnot, I can already tell you I’ve tried a few times since I was 16 and I just don’t like the taste.

But don’t despair, I will be talking about all things wine, liquor and beer alternatives!

Some booze that has come through my kitchen:

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Booze I’ve already explored
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5 thoughts on “The Booze

  1. I am eager to pick your brain on such things as Orujo, Grappa, and other distilled beverages from the Romantic world. What is your opinion on beer within the culinary context?

    1. I’ve actually never had Orujo, but I have had Grappa once. I think it’s wonderful that pretty much every part of the grapes are used to create additional distilled beverages. The quality of the grapes will determine the result of the end product. I may have to do some more research and testing in order to talk any further on the matter though.

      As for beer, I’ve come across a few recipes that use beer, and I believe I have had beer batter fries of fish before that I enjoyed. Personally, I’m more inclined to use wine or liquor (tequila makes some wonderful sauces) when cooking, just because I’ve never really acquired the taste for beer.

      What about you?

  2. I have a separate blog dedicated to beer, so it’s fair to say I’m pretty sweet on it 😉 As for Orujo, that’s the Spanish version of Grappa. My wife and I were treated to a spread of Spanish liquor when we walked the Camino de Santiago a few years back. Our host brought out Spanish port, Herbero and Orujo. It was… interesting to say the least 🙂

    1. That’s so cool that you walked the Camino de Santiago. What inspired that trip and how long did it take?
      I used to live in Madrid in 2006/2007 and loved it. I can’t believe I never had Orujo while I was there though.

      1. No way, we walked the Camino in 2007! To think we might have crossed paths… if it actually went through Madrid. Anyway, it was something she read about when she was a teen and always wanted to do. She told me about it and I became infected, having not visited Europe yet and wanting to go. And it seemed like a cheap holiday, so all the start aligned.

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