The Food

I love food, and over the past two years, I’ve discovered that I also love cooking it.

My love for it mainly comes from the passion that my mom shows for her cooking, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was spoiled by a woman who could easily recreate the wonderful menus featured in the Thanksgiving editions of Bon Appétit.

Good cooking not only nourishes the body, but also the soul. For me, one of the most important parts of good cooking is using fresh (and mostly local) ingredients. My favorite part of each week, is my shopping trip to the Reading Terminal Market here in Philly, where I get all of my meats, fish, vegetables, spices, and more.

Here is an overview of the dishes I have made so far:

Moroccan-inspired dishes
Chicken skewers with quinoa, rainbow chard and fennel
Moroccan almond cookies
Moroccan inspired chicken

Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes
Ground lamb enchiladas with salsa verde
Lamb and turkey meatballs with zucchini cream sauce
Mexican lamb stew or lamb in a yellow mole sauce
Red peanut chicken empanadas
Red peanut chicken tacos
Red peanut mole sauce
Shrimp quesadillas
Seared ahi tuna and pasta with avocado pesto
Zucchini and corn with cream

Balsamic skirt steak 
Cognac butter lamb loin chops
Lamb and Sweet Potato Sheperd’s Pie
Lamb, potato, and cheese pierogi
Lamb meatballs in a sherry-cream sauce
Lime-marinated T-bone steak with potatoes and mushrooms
Skirt steak mini wraps
Skirt steak with fingerling potatoes

Chili chicken wings
Chicken mushroom risotto
Chicken Pot Pie from Scratch
Chicken with caramelized shallots and portabella-wine sauce
Curry spaghetti bolognese
Curry turkey sloppy joes
Deviled chicken drumsticks
Feta and spinach stuffed chicken
Lemon chicken Caesar salad
Lemon chicken with roasted asparagus and potatoes
Oven-fried chicken
Spaghetti alla carbonara with turkey bacon
Turkey Soup for the Soul

Baked blue fish with kale and Brussels sprouts salad
Balsamic-baked fish
Honey-glazed salmon with chanterelle- and artichoke tortillas españolas
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
Lemon-pepper tilapia with cottage-fried potatoes
Swordfish with mustard and rosemary roasted potatoes
Tuna pasta salad

Almond, tomatillo, and spinach pesto
Frascatelli with Pecorino and Spinach
Hummus for the first time
Making Gazpacho

Breakfast smoothies
Eggless pancakes

Baileys white chocolate, chocolate covered truffles
Cranberry Shortbread
Homemade ice cream…without an ice cream maker

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